How to convert VGA devices into HDMI
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If you are looking to convert a VGA device into an HDMI output, then a converter box will be required. Please don’t be fooled into buying a simple cable, because they DO NOT WORK, if you scroll down this page there is an explanation to why they do not work.

When buying our VGA to HDMI converter, you will receive one with the latest firmware  which means that it will support all the devices till this date. It also has a full non-downscale feature meaning that you will not lose any picture quality so you will enjoy your device in full hd.

If you want to buy one of these converters click here. Since you are converting VGA into HDMI you will also require sound, which can be transmitted with the converter box at the same time. You can get a simple AUX audio cable which you can get from here.

If you choose to buy our converter then you will receive a converter similar to the one below, as well as getting a power supply and a ‘how to use’ manual:

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 Why you must avoid VGA to HDMI cables

Iv been getting many emails regarding converting a VGA device into a Hdmi so that they can connect them to their new smart television or monitor.

Many of you ask me if a VGA to HDMI cable will work. I get really upset when I see people on amazon, eBay and other online eCommerce sites selling them because the truth is it doesn’t and never will work. VGA signals are analogue whereas HDMI signals can only support digital signals. Its just like an English speaker talks English to a native non-English speaker, they just wont understand what their trying to say.

The point im trying to get across is that a VGA to HDMI cable is fake, and should never be used to convert your VGA devices into a HDMI to use with your TV.


I can backup my statements if you look at some of the reviews from amazon here, you can see that all the customers who purchased this fake cable are disappointed or just look at a sample of some of the reviews bellow:


So as you can see, these cables obviously don’t work so you will need a VGA to HDMI converter box.

If you have any questions or doubts then don’t hesitate to contact us using this page or leave a comment on this page.

Have a good day!

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